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Before this revised 2017 edition, the first edition of The Miami Showband Massacre, published in 2007 was the long awaited inside story of the band, the massacre and its controversial aftermath.

The atrocity was headlined all over Ireland and beyond as The Day The Music Died as The Miami Showband was the most popular band in Ireland at the time. On July 31st 1975 their mini bus was stopped by what looked like a British Army patrol but was in fact the Loyalist terrorist group’s UVF’s notorious Glenanne Gang, some of whom were in the British Army’s locally recruited UDR regiment.

The terrorists planted a bomb in the mini bush which exploded prematurely killing two of the bombers immediately. Their comrades then machine gunned the band, killing three and leaving the author, seriously injured Stephen Travers, to play dead in order to survive. Since publication much more of the Collusion between the UVF gang responsible and the British Military Intelligence has come to light and this 2017 edition includes pertinent revelations regarding Collusion, elements of which are now being exposed

Frontline Noir seeks to publish stories from all sides of recent conflicts, rather than to “take sides”. For instance, while covering Ireland our titles are written from civilian, Irish Republican, Ulster Loyalist, British SAS/regular Army and Intelligence services perspectives.

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 Some of our authors, having been heavily involved in many controversial events, shed light on a sometimes murky recent past. Only by hearing from all perspectives can readers claim to have an informed opinion. We hope the personal experiences of these authors humanise the subjects covered, even if these experiences make for uncomfortable and troubling reading. In democratic societies, much is done in our name. Therefore, we should know what is being done.