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Frontline Noir, founded in 2008, is a publisher of current affairs and recent history titles covering controversial topics and events, often written by people who were participants or otherwise affected. Our aim is to ensure such subjects are given a human and personal touch as often such important events are viewed without due appreciation of the human story.

Frontline Noir seeks to publish stories from all sides of recent conflicts, rather than to “take sides”. For instance, while covering Ireland our titles are written from civilian, Irish Republican, Ulster Loyalist, British SAS/regular Army and Intelligence services perspectives. This year we publish our first fiction title, The Squad by Phil Mac Giolla Bháin, a thriller set in Ireland. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT PHIL’S OTHER TITLES, MINORITY REPORTER AND DOWNFALL ARE BOTH OUT OF STOCK BUT DOWNFALL WILL BE REPRINTED JULY. 

Orders for our books can be placed on our online shop page via Credit/Debit cards and PayPal. You can also send cheques to Books Noir Ltd, 27 Lauriston Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9DQ, Scotland, UK. And you can email orders to

Our full list of titles is on our Catalogue Page and our online shop. Our three most recent titles are on this page below. ALL UK and IRELAND POSTAGE IS FREE WHEN YOU ORDER DIRECT WITH US. ALL ORDERS DISPATCHED SAME WORKING DAY AS ORDER RECEIVED.

SIGNED COPIES of The Squad by Phil Mac Giolla Bháin are available for pre-order.

VENEER OF CIVILISATION  by Will Black is available for pre-order at our own special price of £9.99.


New Titles


Sometimes Terrorists Just Pick On The Wrong Country

By Phil Mac Giolla Bháin



Price £9.99
ISBN : 9781904684336
EAN : 9781904684336
384 Pages
Publication 22nd June 2018
Category – Fiction/Thriller
FORMAT 198 x 130mm

Praise for Phil Mac Giolla Bháin’s previous books:
“A tale of our times, brilliantly told.” Alex Thomson, Channel 4 News
“Mac Giolla Bháin should have been a certainty to be Journalist of the Year for his work.” Kevin McKenna, Scottish Review of Books.

THE SQUAD is a fast-paced spy adventure thriller set in Ireland’s post-conflict landscape and against the backdrop of the global War on Terror. After suicide bombings in Dublin, two ex-Provos affected by the bombing join the frantic race against time to find other would-be martyrs. They are joined by an old adversary – a retired Special Branch officer – and two newcomers to Ireland; a doctor from Morocco and a young, Polish ex-soldier, also affected by the blast. All that stands between Ireland and certain carnage is this unlikely alliance of misfits. 


Phil Mac Giolla Bháin is an author, playwright, blogger and journalist. Phil was the author of the best-selling Downfall – How Rangers FC Self Destructed. Phil is an active member of the National Union of Journalists and now also Chairperson of The Irish Writers’ Union. Phil has contributed to publications as diverse as An Phoblacht, The Guardian, The Irish Independent, Magill magazine and The Irish Post. He has also built up a considerable online readership through his blog – His use of the online platform to break stories has brought him acclaim from media commentators and colleagues. His last two plays (Hame and Rebellion) played to full houses in Glasgow and received favourable reviews. Phil can be found on Twitter @Pmacgiollabhain where he has 38,000 followers



Veneer Of Civilisation

Price £12.99

Pre-order from this site for £9.99

ISBN : 9781904684725
EAN : 9781904684725
280 Pages
NEW Publication date 14/06/18

Current Affairs/Psychology
FORMAT 198 x 130 mm

The book brings together politics, psychology, literature and anthropology, discussing ways in which the veneer of civilisation can be eroded by events or dramatically torn away, Veneer Of Civilisation also considers paradoxes such as one nation claiming to be civilised even as it drops bomb on a country where civilians.

The potential erosion of civilisation in the US and Europe by the Far-Right, who exploit the violence of groups like Daesh to justify racist narratives, is examined. This includes a focus on Anders Breivik and his attempt to spark a Europe-wide civil war, Jo Cox’s killer Thomas Mair, the banned Nazi group, National Action and attempts to rebrand the far-right with the term ‘alt-right’.

Recent events in Charlottesville and the Far-Fight’s embracing of Donald Trump as their hero are covered. The paradoxes of technology, in their ability to sustain and drive forward human civilisation while also sometimes harming, dividing and binding humans, is examined in detail. This includes oil’s explosive capacity to cause conflict, as well as climate effects, and the possibility that computers are leading to a new feudalism, with the chasm between the technology haves and have-nots growing. The background, value and pitfalls of globalisation neoliberalism are discussed in the context of notions of utopia and dystopia, and the recognition that one person’s heaven can be another’s hell.


Will Black is an anthrojournalist with a background working in specialist psychiatric services. His latest book, Veneer of Civilisation, brings together anthropology, politics and psychology to examine vulnerabilities of human civilisation. He is also the author of Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires, which drew on clinical experience and an anthropological perspective, and Beyond the End of the World, which was based on postgraduate research into apocalyptic movements and cults. Will lives in Cambridge and can be found on twitter @WillBlackWriter  where he has 95,000 followers.

The Miami Showband Massacre


Price £9.99
ISBN : 9781904684251
EAN : 9781904684251
240 Pages
Publication 31st January 2017
Category Current Affairs/History/Irish Interest
FORMAT 198 x 130 mm B Format Paperback


Before this revised 2017 edition, the first edition of The Miami Showband Massacre, published in 2007 was the long awaited inside story of the band, the massacre and its controversial aftermath.

The atrocity was headlined all over Ireland and beyond as The Day The Music Died as The Miami Showband was the most popular band in Ireland at the time. On July 31st 1975 their mini bus was stopped by what looked like a British Army patrol but was in fact the Loyalist terrorist group’s UVF’s notorious Glenanne Gang, some of whom were in the British Army’s locally recruited UDR regiment.

The terrorists planted a bomb in the mini bus which exploded prematurely killing two of the bombers immediately. Their comrades then machine gunned the band, killing three and leaving the author, seriously injured Stephen Travers, to play dead in order to survive. Since publication much more of the Collusion between the UVF gang responsible and the British Military Intelligence has come to light and this 2017 edition includes pertinent revelations regarding Collusion, elements of which are now being exposed.


Stephen Travers was one of two band members who survived the UVF’s attack on The Miami Showband in 1975. A gifted musician, Stephen was already a rising star bass player when he joined Ireland s most successful Showband. Since the massacre Stephen has been very active in pursuing a campaign for peace, truth and justice for all victims on all sides of Ireland’s Troubles conflict. Stephen’s high-profile supporters include the present President of Ireland as well as the previous President and many many others. Neil Fetherstonhaugh is the News Editor of the Southside People Edition of the Dublin Newspaper Group, having been a reporter on the East edition of the paper. He also works on the Sunday World’s newsdesk as a reporter and on the on-line edition of the paper.

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