Anti-Irishness Exists – Official

This week’s conviction of David Limond for abusing Angela Haggerty, the editor of Downfall – How Rangers FC Self Destructed serves to remind us all that some in Scotland feel comfortable enough in their anti-Irishness to make public such prejudices. Limmond’s conviction came in the same week that a Glasgow taxi driver told two passengers to stop talking Irish to each other as they were “in Britain now”.  Now, that’s food for thought for those who criticised Frontline Noir, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Angela Haggerty for publishing Minority Reporter – Scotland’s Bad Attitude To Her Own Irish, claiming that such a book was “inventing” an anti-Irishness which didn’t exist.  A Scottish court, to its immense credit, decided that, in fact, it does exist.

Many of Irish descent in Scotland have not experienced such racism. I’m glad of that. However, this immediately disqualifies them from proclaiming that it does not exist. Those who have suffered from anti-Irishness know full well it is real. In Scotland this week, we’ve had two timely reminders that is does.

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