Bombs And Burgers

For anyone still clinging to the delusion that Great Powers have ever in history prioritised humanitarian concerns read Greg Palast’s commemoration of the other 9/11, that of 1973 in Chile.

Think Kosovo, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria. Decisions to change regimes are not always made in cabinet meetings but often in corporate board rooms. God help you if you don’t already buy your bombs and burgers from the current US empire.
Pepsi, in the 1960s and 1970s, bought enough influence in Washington and Chile to ensure Socialist double election winner Allende was robbed of one 1960′s election, and then of his life.
All the high-minded discussion on Syria, the macabre parade of wrapped-up dead children, the proclamations of stopping the slaughter, (which would have cease had the West not insisted the FSA boycott peace talks) – these are simply the current devices, in millennium-long lists of devices, employed by empires to blast their way through whatever obstacles to optimum corporate profit exist at whatever cost. Follow the money indeed.
Either the current crop of transient vassals often referred to as Presidents or Prime Ministers, are monstrously stupid, monstrously corrupt or monstrously oblivious to what has occurred throughout history – and what is occurring now in Syria.
Their cynical employment of words real humans hold dear, like ‘humanitarian’, is a sick perversion of the ideals we the people hold authentically.
In five years we’ll hear the ‘failure of intelligence’ baloney from a retrospectively contrite though currently complicit media. Well, here’s a news flash, Jack. There is no failure. It’s all intended. In fact it’s working perfectly to plan, as anyone who ever read a history book should know.
The only failure is that of the people refusing to wipe the sleep from their eyes.  But who can blame them with the bulk of the Western media whispering the same, stale lullabies in their ears every waking hour.
Say out loud. This war is a set up. Years from now you can claim to have known the truth all along.
Or you can protest now.

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