Encyclopaedia of “Terrorist” Organisations

The Complete Encyclopaedia of “Terrorist” Organisations (Concise Edition)


  • Over 1100 Organisations investigated
  • Author uniquely qualified due background in Military Intelligence
  • The Most Comprehensive Encyclopaedia of “Terrorist” groups ever complied.
  • An essential ready guide for academics, diplomats and the general public
  • Foreign rights sold to 14 countries
  • Author features planned in Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, The Mirror
  • Author appearing on BBC and Al Jazeera

The Encyclopaedia of “Terrorist” Organizations will be a comprehensive guide to over 1100 terrorist organizations past and present. The book provides the name of each group, the continent and country of origin, and the group’s background, history and affiliates. Readers may be surprised to learn that there are so many terrorist organisations actually based in the United States. This book gives the reader background information on these groupings and discusses their motivations for taking to the gun as a means of trying to affect change.
The word “terrorist” provokes intense discussion. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter being a well known expression. Some of the main groups covered include the Taliban in Afghanistan,, Aryan Nations, a white supremacy group in the United States, and Hezbullah in the Middle East. The groups covered also have associated organisations that are included in encyclopaedia. The book will provide an understanding on how they operate, their ideology, their motivation and what makes one group tick and another tock.


Paul Ashley served for over 28 years with British Armed Forces. In the last five years of his service life he was a Resistance to Interrogation Instructor, De-briefer and Hostage Survival Instructor. Since leaving the armed forces he was invited to Iraq where he works as a private security contractor. He has also worked as an adviser to the British Army in Afghanistan.

Imprint: Frontline Noir | Category: Military/History/Politics
ISBN 13: 978-1-904684-21-3 Format: 198 x 130mm B Format Paperback
Price: £11.99 Extent: 400pp
Publication: 1st October 2011

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